Belgian Classic Cars is specialized in selling classic and special cars.

Our history began with a family passion for cars since three generations. In the years 60’s, our grandfathers were importing Lamborghini, Audi, NSU. The next generation was active as multibrand dealers of which Ford and Chrysler dealers.

Today, we offer this broad experience to our customers and help them to fulfill their dreams of every classic cars, where we operate in Europe and all over the world. Belgian Classic Cars combine it with elegance, sophistication and particular attention paid to functional integrity and perfection. We purchase and sell a variety of cars such as : Ferrari, Maserati, Mercedes, Jaguar, Bentley, etc. Beside our clients will find unique models from other historic brands, such as ; BMW, Alfa,VW,…

Vans and scooters are also sold by Belgian Classic Cars; for vans-VW, Citroën, Ford and for scooters; Vespa, NSU.

We help you to make the perfect choice that suits you, considering the personal taste, budget, technical knowledge and most importantly Your Dream.